Tazkiyah Purification of the Soul

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Purification of the Self
Purification (Tazkiyah) covers a number of Islamic 
imperatives: purifying oneself of the temptations of
the self and Satan; refraining from negative reaction
when faced with unpleasant experiences caused by
others; and remaining resistant to such temptations
that cause man to deviate from the straight path etc.
Tazkiyah literally means
growth, one example
of which can be seen
in a tree. A tree is
the result of the
growth of a seed.
W h e n a s e e d
finds a favourable
environment, it
starts growing till
it becomes a green,
verdant tree. The same is
true of the purification of man. In this sense tazkiyah
also conveys intellectual development.
Man has been created by God with an upright
nature. But it happens that various weaknesses and
temptations cloud the essential upright nature. Man
ought to make unremitting efforts to keep himself
away from them.
The task of the Prophet was to make people aware
of this principle of purification and lead them
towards attaining it.

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