Assalam O Alaykum from the Modesty Staff, Modesty Islamic Superstores was established in 2013 by the Tamuryani family. The inspiration of Islamic store came to us everytime a family member needed an Islamic product and had to travel for almost an hour to the other side of Melbourne to fulfil their needs. So, we started as a small Islamic store to fill the need of the community and Alhamdulillah in a short amount of time, we extended to a bigger location in Dandenong Plaza Shopping Centre. Modesty Collection has 2 new locations Epping Plaza Shopping Centre and a new superstore at 85 Sydney Rd, Coburg.


Inspired by the Islamic ideology and teaching of Quran & Sunnah, Modesty Superstores has always maintained the commitment to serve the need of Muslims in Australia and global Muslim community by providing reliable, authentic, Islamic products.


Over the last two years we have been travelling to Islamic countries to research and import the highest quality Islamic products from Books, Clothing, Electronics, Home Decoration, Frames, Perfumes and Accessories.


Modesty is also a Wholesale company that provides all above mentions products plus quality Ladies Handbags and Wallets in bulk to companies all over Australia.


  • To have highest security to protect your information
  • To have cheapest postage solutions
  • To have Quicker deliveries
  • No hidden costs or surcharges
  • To track & trace your parcels

For more info E-mail us at
Ph: (03) 8797 1988   
Pick up orders from below addresses: Shop L01 Level 2 Dandenong Plaza Vic 3175 & 85 Sydney Rd Coburg Vic 3058  

Request: Please remember us in your Dua, Wasalam, Modesty Team