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Prayer in Comfort with Medium Size Prayer Mat

Experience comfort and elegance with our Medium Size Prayer Mat. Made from smooth cotton and padded for extra comfort, this prayer mat is perfect for teenagers, tradespeople, office workers, and anyone seeking a convenient and beautiful prayer accessory.

Key Features

  1. Perfect Dimensions: Measuring approximately 100x50cm, this medium prayer mat provides ample space for prayer, accommodating various body sizes and postures comfortably. Its generous dimensions ensure that individuals of different heights and builds have sufficient space to perform their prayers without feeling constrained or restricted.
  2. Comfortable Material: Crafted from smooth cotton, this prayer mat offers more than just a surface for prayer; it provides a soft and comforting experience for worshippers. The smooth texture of the cotton material enhances the tactile sensation, allowing users to connect with their prayers in a soothing and gentle manner. With its plush feel, the prayer mat ensures that prayers are performed with tranquility and serenity.
  3. Portable Design: Engineered for convenience, this prayer mat boasts a portable design that enhances its usability and versatility. Its lightweight construction and foldable nature make it easy to carry and transport, allowing worshippers to take it wherever their prayers may lead them. Whether at home, in the office, or on the go, this prayer mat ensures that individuals can observe their prayers with ease and convenience.
  4. Unique Patterns: Each prayer mat features its own distinctive pattern, adding a touch of individuality and charm to the prayer experience. While the specific design may vary from one mat to another, the consistent color scheme ensures a cohesive aesthetic. This variation in patterns allows worshippers to personalize their prayer experience, creating a sense of connection and belonging during moments of devotion.


  • Dimensions: 100x50cm
  • Material: Smooth cotton
  • Design: Various patterns (design may vary)
  • Suitable for: Teenagers, tradespeople, office workers, etc.

Enhance your prayer experience with the Medium Size Prayer Mat. Order now to enjoy the comfort and convenience of this beautiful prayer accessory.


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