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What to Say When: Engaging and Educational Dua Cards for Children

Help your child unlock the powerful meanings and virtues of daily supplications with the "What to Say When Dua Cards." Designed to make learning and memorizing duas easy and enjoyable, these cards are perfect for young learners. With large text, English translations, and adorable illustrations, your child will quickly grasp and remember each dua.

Key Features:

  1. Simplified Memorization: Each dua is isolated on its card in large text and broken down into small chunks, making it easy for your child to memorize. This user-friendly format ensures that learning each supplication is manageable and effective, even for young children.
  2. Meaningful Translations: Every dua is translated into English, allowing your child to unlock and understand the powerful meanings behind these words. This feature not only aids in memorization but also helps your child appreciate the significance of each supplication.
  3. Engaging Illustrations: The cards feature cute pictures illustrating each dua in action, so your child can visualize when and where the words would be used. These engaging visuals make the learning process more enjoyable and relatable, helping your child remember the duas more effectively.
  4. Kiitab Compatibility: The Kiitab (sold separately) enhances the learning experience by reading and translating each dua, as well as explaining the virtue of each supplication to your child. This interactive feature adds an auditory element to the learning process, reinforcing memorization and understanding.


  • Number of Cards: 27 laminated cards
  • Recommended Age: 5+
  • Card Size: 100mm x 160mm
  • Box Size: 125mm x 212mm
  • Compatible with Kiitab (sold separately)

Empower your child with the knowledge and understanding of daily supplications through the "What to Say When Dua Cards." These beautifully designed and educational cards are perfect for young learners, providing an easy and engaging way to memorize and appreciate duas. Order your set today and enhance your child's spiritual journey.


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