Al-Harameen Table Azan Clock (HA-3006)

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Your Complete Prayer Companion with Al-Harameen Table Azan Clock

Elevate your daily prayers with the Al-Harameen Table Azan Clock. This advanced clock offers a complete azan for all prayers, with customizable volume control, ensuring you never miss a prayer. With features like prayer times for most cities worldwide, Qibla direction, and dual Hijri and Gregorian calendars, this clock is designed to enrich your spiritual journey.

Key Features

  • Complete Azan for All Prayers: Experience the spiritual beauty of a high-quality azan sound for all prayers with the Al-Harameen Table Azan Clock. With customizable volume control, you can adjust the azan sound to suit your preference, creating a personalized and uplifting prayer experience.
  • Six System Taqweem Programming: Choose from six taqweem systems programmed into the clock, including local taqweem and widely used systems such as the Saudi Arabia Taqweem Um Al-Qura and ISNA for North America. This feature allows you to select the most accurate prayer times for your location, ensuring that you never miss a prayer.
  • Automatic Fajr Pray Alarm: The clock's automatic Fajr prayer alarm is designed to wake you up at the same time relative to Fajr azan every day. This feature ensures that you start your day in prayer, setting a spiritual tone for the rest of your day.


Date Fajr Azan Fajr Alarm
MAY 1 5:05 AM 5:15 AM
MAY 2 5:06 AM 5:16 AM automatically changes to 5:16

  • Daily Alarm and Gentle Prayers Reminder: In addition to the Fajr and daily alarms, the clock also features a gentle prayer reminder. This allows you to set reminders for other prayers throughout the day, even when the azan sound is turned off. This gentle reminder ensures that you stay connected to your faith and never miss a prayer, even in your busiest moments.


  • Product Size: 9.5 x 13.5 CM
  • Weight: 240 g
  • Qibla direction: Qibla direction (relative to the North) can be displayed.
  • Hijri and Gregorian calendars: Gregorian or Hijri calendar can be displayed.
  • The Hijri calendar follows the Gregorian date and is based on the astronomical moon sighting at Mecca.
  • Temprature display: Temperature reading in Celsius.
  • Snooze option
  • Full screen El light
  • Audio out (Connect with speaker)
  • DC 6 Volts external input 300MA
  • Daylight Saving Time option (for countries using this system)
  • Gentle prayers reminder (when azan sound is turned off)
  • Crescendo sound: All alarms have gentle wake-up sound that increase gradually.

Embrace the convenience and spiritual enrichment that the Al-Harameen Table Azan Clock brings to your life. Stay connected to your faith and your community with ease. Order yours today and elevate your prayer experience.


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