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Grab the most comfortable and fitting Wudu socks pair that too within affordable prices only at Modesty Collection. Search from a large variety of the most versatile and functional socks, our Wudu socks (Wudhu) are your perfect partner for ablution. As cleanliness is of major importance in the lives of every Muslim, our socks are particularly designed for all sorts of occasions and seasons. They are intricately designed with an inner layer of bamboo fibre that aids in enhanced thermal regulation of the feet tissues, preventing the accumulation of odour forming bacteria and fungi.

Similarly, their waterproofing abilities make them perfect for prolonged use without worrying about any related issues. Available in many sizes, you can now choose your perfect fit with a few clicks without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Our Wudu socks come bearing

    • 100 % natural base components

    • High waterproofing abilities, unlike leather socks

    • Snuggly fit in all sizes

    • Shariah-compliant wudhu socks

What makes our Wudu socks unique:

    • Presence of an inner layer of bamboo fibre

    • Highly versatile and functional in all seasons

    • Perfect for all age groups

    • Covered with an outer nylon layer that adds to the durability

Some advantages:

    • Ensures long-lasting comfort in all seasons

    • High waterproofing ability makes it very hard for moisture or water to penetrate

    • The inner bamboo layer provides the feet with enhanced comfort and ventilation

    • Perfect for usage by students, professionals, travelers, etc.

    • Keeps feet clean, odour-free, and prevents the risk of microbe infestation due to constant sweating as in leather socks.

Why choose from the Modesty Collection?

Working for almost a decade now, we at Modesty Collection are a customer-oriented business based in several locations in Australia. Striving hard to provide the best-quality products only, our Wudu socks have been designed to keep every Muslim's best interests in the world. These Shariah-compliant Wudu socks (Wudhu) are specially designed using unique materials that ensure both comfort and cleanliness in every situation. Moreover, every product of ours comes with a certificate of authenticity that are also within very affordable pricing.?ÿ

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