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This book is one in a series titled Stories of the Prophets. Each book is beautifully illustrated in full colour and the story of each Prophet is summarized in order to allow your children to easily grasp the concept while staying fully entertained by the visual beauty of this work. This book tells the story of our beloved Prophets Muhammad (SAW)’???s life in Makkah.
An ideal introduction to seerah of the beloved prophet for the young "Suddenly one day, out in the desert when Muhammad (pbuh) and his foster brothers were playing, an angel was sent by Allah (swt) to purify the body of young Muhammad (pbuh), Halimah's kids were frightened and ran home to tell their mother. On that day Halimah knew it was time for Muhammad (pbuh) to go back to his mother. Aminah was happy to have her beloved son back after six years in the desert. Soon after Muhammad (pbuh) returned, she took him to Medinah to visit his father's grave. On the way back Aminah died. Muhammad (pbuh) was now an orphan and had to return to his grandfather in Makkah. He was eight years when his grand father died. His grandfather was very fond of him and loved him like his own son. After the death of his grandfather, Abu Talib his uncle was happy to look after him and protect him. The Quraish believed in Allah (swt) but they did not worship Allah Alone."

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