Tajweed Juz Tabarak (29) ( 23cm x 17cm ) Dar al Marifa (Uthmani)

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Perfect Your Recitation with Tajweed Juz Tabarak

Elevate your Quranic recitation with the Tajweed Juz Tabarak, a beautifully crafted Quran designed to enhance your understanding and application of Tajweed rules. This Quran features a soft, durable cover and includes interpretations of selected words for deeper comprehension.

Key Features

  1. Colour Coded Letters: The Quran employs a colour-coded system to highlight Tajweed rules, providing an intuitive and effective method for learning and applying Tajweed principles.
  2. Obvious Script: The text is presented in a clear and easily readable script, with additional spacing between words for improved fluency and comprehension.
  3. Permissible Stops: Strategic spacing is employed at allowable stopping points, aiding in correct recitation and preventing pauses at inappropriate junctures.
  4. Useful Indexes: Includes comprehensive indexes such as Surahs Colour Index and Subject Index, facilitating quick and easy access to specific sections and themes within the Quran.
  5. Detailed Tajweed Rules: Each Tajweed rule is thoroughly explained with accompanying illustrations, enhancing understanding and ensuring correct application.


  • Soft Cover
  • Size: 23cm x 17cm

Experience the beauty and precision of Tajweed with the Tajweed Juz Tabarak. Immerse yourself in the rhythmic recitation of the Quran, guided by its clear and practical Tajweed rules. Whether you are a beginner seeking to learn or a seasoned reciter looking to perfect your recitation, this Quran is an invaluable companion on your journey. Order now and elevate your Quranic recitation to new heights of proficiency and beauty.


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