Tafsir Ibn Kathir - ENGLISH (10 Volumes)

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Learn revelations of Allah's own words translated and abridged from none other than Tafsir Ibn Kathir. This is the world's most widely accepted and accurate explanation of the Holy Quran; it arrives in 10 volumes. Each volume covers a section of the Quran with the best presentation of Ahadith, history and scholarly commentary.

Apart from being properly categorized, the books have been provided with professional commentaries, making every word, line, and metaphor easy to decipher in simple English. The pages have a light cream background which adds to greater visibility, unlike other books with ridiculously colored page backgrounds.

Additionally, to help people grasp the teachings more accurately, many Ahadith and Israelitish stories have also been added with explanations. The Tafsir Ibn Khatir comes covered with an amazingly beautiful design that is both attractive and durable.

Don't give it a miss and buy the Tafseer Ibn Kathir for you and your loved ones today!

Our Tafseer Ibn Khathir comes with

    • Most renowned and accepted explanation of the Quran
    • 10 carefully compiled volumes bearing all great teachings
    • Easy to grasp English language translation
    • 650 pages

What makes our Ibn Kathir Tafsir unique?

    • Explanatory notes for easy understanding of the teachings
    • Published by Darussalam Publications
    • Translated and abridged by a group of scholars under the supervision of Sheikh Safiur-Rahman Al-Mubarakpuri.
    • Written and compiled by Hafiz Ibn Kathir
    • A hard binding cover prevents damage to the papers at 9 x 6

Why choose from the Modesty Collection?

To help our users better understand the holy Quran, you can buy the Ibn Kathir Tafsir (10 Volume set) in English published by Darusalam Publications. Similarly, much focus has been provided to ensure that the translations are completely relevant to the teachings in Arabic without compromising their meanings.

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