Sultan Al Quloob Air Freshener

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Size: 300 ml
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Feel The Royal Fragrance with Sultan Al Quloob Air Freshener

Immerse your surroundings in the captivating fragrance of Sultan Al Quloob Air Freshener. Made in the UAE, this air freshener embodies the essence of Islamic perfumery, filling your space with a delightful aroma that rejuvenates your senses and uplifts your spirits.

Key Features

  1. Captivating Fragrance: Sultan Al Quloob Air Freshener features a captivating fragrance that lingers in the air, creating a welcoming and refreshing ambiance in your home, office, or car.
  2. Long-lasting Effect: The long-lasting formula ensures that your space stays fragrant for an extended period, providing continuous freshness.
  3. Islamic-inspired: Inspired by Islamic perfumery, Sultan Al Quloob Air Freshener offers a unique and authentic fragrance that reflects the rich heritage of Islamic culture and tradition.
  4. Convenient Spray Bottle: The air freshener comes in a convenient spray bottle that allows for easy and controlled application, ensuring that you can enjoy the fragrance wherever and whenever you desire.


  • Capacity: 300ml
  • Type: Air Freshener
  • Fragrance Family: Oriental
  • Made in: UAE

Transform your space into a sanctuary of tranquility with Sultan Al Quloob Air Freshener. Made in the UAE and inspired by Islamic perfumery, this air freshener offers a unique and enchanting fragrance that will uplift your spirits and create a welcoming atmosphere. Experience the beauty of Islamic fragrances and order your Sultan Al Quloob Air Freshener today.


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