Scarf Hanger

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Color: Mix Colour x 1
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Ring hangers to easily sort and organise your scarves, shawls and hijabs.
If your scarf, shawls, belt, and hijabs are scattered here and there, and when you have to wear them, you keep looking for them in the cupboard and waste your time. If you face such a problem every day, then this hanger is made to solve the problems of people like you only. If you also want to get all your small cloth pieces right at once on time, then this hanger will prove to be very helpful for you.

You can hang your scarf, shawls, belt, etc., neatly in the hanger so there will be no fear of losing them, nor your time will be wasted in finding them.

This hanger has 28 hinged holes, 4 across and seven at the bottom in it; you can hang your many pieces of accessories like a scarf, hijab, etc. Every hole of the hanger is covered with rope.

Material and quality

This hanger is made from extremely high-quality material; it is durable and soft. The metal hook and rope covering the ring are of very good quality. Its color shining will not get dull even after using it for a long time. Its design is extremely unique and artistic.


This hanger is foldable. If you are not using it, you can fold it and keep it easily in very little space.


This hanger is non-slip. If you hang it in the cupboard and hang your clothes, it will absolutely not slip.

Using this hanger will bring an amazing change to your wardrobe. You can hang all your belts, scarf, hijabs, and shawls in it at once.

Easy to use

It comes with a metal hook so you can mount it on a door, cupboard, or wall.


The color includes white and mixed.

Unique gift

This is a unique gift that you can also give to your mother's relatives and friends on any special occasion like an anniversary, birthday, etc.


You will surely make a good impression by giving this as a gift. Along with this, as beautiful as it is, it's worth the price so you can buy it comfortably within your budget. It will not put any extra weight on your pocket.


It is light in weight and can be easily carried anywhere.

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