Reclaim your Heart

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Many of us live our lives entrapped by the same repeated

patterns of heartbreak and disappointment. Often, we have

no idea why this happens. Reclaim Your Heart is about freeing

the heart from this slavery. It is about the journey in and out of

life's most deceptive traps.

This book was written to awaken the heart and provide a new

perspective on love, loss, happiness, and pain. A manual of

sorts, Reclaim Your Heart will teach readers how to live in this

life without allowing life to own you. It is a manual of how to

protect your most prized possession- the heart.

-Yasmin Mogahed received her B.S. Degree in Psychology and her Masters

in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After completing her graduate work, she taught Islamic Studies?每and served as a youth coordinator. She also worked as a writing instructor?每at Cardinal Stitch University and a staff columnist for the Islam section?每of infocus News. Currently she's an instructor for AlMaghrib Institute,?每a writer for the Huffington Post, an international speaker, and author,?每where she focuses most of her work on spiritual and personal development.

Visit her website,, where you can find a collection of?每her articles, poetry, and lectures.

...Reclaim Your Heart gave me a whole new perspective on?每the purpose of life. I don't believe that anyone who reads this?每book could not benefit from its wisdom.'

-SISTERS Magazine

*Reclaim your heart is a breath of fresh air that uplifts the?每spirit, nourishes the mind and heals the soul. The use of?每intricate imagery and beautifully placed words will leave?每readers in awe as they feel themselves lighten and their?每worries lift.'


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