Rainbow Quran - Uthmani Print

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Color: Blue
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Size: A5
Print: Uthmani Print
Pages: Rainbow pages
Quran is considered the very holy book of Islam, and it is believed that it contains a collection of messages given by Allah. Muslims believed that Allah conveyed QURAN through their angel Jibril to prophet Islam Hazrat Muhammad Sahab. The Quran is a very religious book close to all Muslims around the globe. Quran is the very holy book of Islam; it should always be read systematically. This is a very holy and good book that everyone should read. Both men and women can read it.

Modesty's book collection is unique and amazing. Modesty collection this time brings you their exclusive collection of Rainbow Quran. The Rainbow Quran is completely in Arabic without any translation inside it. This book is filled with pages of colorful rainbow colors, so it looks very beautiful and attractive. This is a great gift for all Muslims of all ages.

The biggest reason for saying the Rainbow Quran is that the pages of the Quran are in colorful colors. This book cover is available in various rainbow colors.


This book is in uthmani print. Its Arabic text is extremely clear and big.


This book is available in A5 size. It is very easy to use. It is very light in weight, and it can be carried everywhere comfortably.

Quality and design

The quality of the pages and cover of the book is very good, and the cover design is so attractive and unique. The paper used to print this book is of very high quality, and its background is light, due to which the letters are extremely bold and clear so that people of all ages can read it easily.


The pages of this book are of rainbow colors; along with this, the book cover is available in various colors like green, blue, pink, grey, white, etc., and the color quality is so good and high.

Unique gift

The Rainbow Quran is a unique idea to give as a gift; you can take it for your friends and family. You can give it as a gift on different occasions like Ramazan, Eid, etc.

Budget-friendly and durable

This rainbow Quran Book available by modesty is lower-priced than the books available in the market. It comes in your budget, so it is budget-friendly. The paper covered in this book is very durable and rich in quality which does not damage the inside papers of the books.

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