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Introduce Your Child to Quranic Words with Quranic Opposites Puzzles

Start your child's journey of understanding the Quran with the Quranic Opposites Puzzles. This educational tool is designed to introduce young learners to the meanings of words used in the Quran in a fun and engaging way.

Key Features

  1. Quranic Word Learning: This set features 24 beautifully illustrated pairs of opposite words derived from the Noble Quran. These words are frequently mentioned in the Quran, helping your child recognize and familiarize themselves with key terms.
  2. Visually Engaging Illustrations: Each pair of opposites is complemented by charming illustrations that make learning visually appealing. These images aid in word retention by providing a memorable and enjoyable learning experience.
  3. Child-Friendly Design: The large puzzle pieces are designed for small hands, making them easy to grip and assemble. The puzzles are crafted to be the right level of difficulty for young children, promoting fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  4. Engaging Learning Experience: The puzzle format makes learning Quranic words an engaging and interactive activity. By matching pairs, children can develop their cognitive skills while learning new words in a fun way.


  • Material: Thick, laminated card
  • Number of Pairs: 24 pairs of opposite words
  • Design: Large, easy-to-grip pieces with beautiful illustrations
  • Educational Focus: Arabic word recognition, cognitive skill development, Quranic vocabulary learning

The Quranic Opposites Puzzles have helped thousands of children across the globe learn and recognize frequently used words in the Noble Quran. Make learning fun and meaningful for your child. Order the Quranic Opposites Puzzles today and enrich your child's Quranic education with this engaging and durable puzzle set.


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