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Teach your children the many great teachings of the Quran, most innovatively and fruitfully, with our all-new Quran lamp speakers. Loaded with a huge collection of essential Quran Reciters and translations, the lamp is an absolute must for all Muslim homes as it plays aloud its contents through a clear and loud 5W speaker. Similarly, it is operable with Bluetooth and remote control, making them easy to carry around everywhere. The battery is rechargeable and pretty decent as it easily keeps charge for almost 12 hours with constant usage.

The speakers are available in many eye-catching colours and are equipped with varying modes of light brightness, which donƒ??t strain the eyes. Hence, you can enjoy a pretty fun and calm reading.

Our Quran Lamp Speaker arrives with

  • 18 Quran reading voices and 12 translation languages

  • Quran Ayah-by-Ayah translation

  • Recitation of Quran word-by-word

  • 40 Hadiths, and a complete Tafseer Sharavi audio

What makes our Lamp speakers unique:

  • Easy and fast connectivity with the BT 5.0 technology (8G)

  • Clap-feature to choose suitable light brightness

  • 5W loudspeaker controllable through remote control

  • 2000mAh rechargeable battery that lasts 12 hours on a single charge

  • Sleep mode, with three-time adjustments

  • White LED lamp lighting bearing 3 level adjustments

Why choose from the Modesty Collection?

We have been doing our best to help our Muslim brothers and sisters thrive in the path of Allah, never like before, with our products and service. In this regard, striving hard to aid Muslim parents to teach their children the many great teachings from the Holy book, Quran, we have designed the Quran lamp speaker. As the name suggests, the lamp speaker arrives in a small yet powerful design, loaded with many essential features that make learning time easy and fun. Thanks to the crystal clear loudspeaker, now children can easily catch up to the complex pronunciations of the Quran in 12 different languages, that too within no time.

Buy these limited edition Lamp speakers before they stock out. They are perfect for gifting someone special as well. Buy them now!

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