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Quran Reader Pen is the easiest way to understand the language of the Quran. The gift box includes pen, colour coded Quran, Qaida Noorania and much more!
This is the latest must have education product for young Muslims. A smart way to teach children with the first time ever Word for Word reciting. Quran Pen is a new learning and teaching way, as the it talks from the pen's speaker when pointing to the words or photos in the books provided.

Includes famous reciters such as Al-Sudais, Al-Alfasy, Abdul Basit, Mueaqli and more. Translation voices are available including: Tafseer Jalalain (Complete Arabic), English, Urdu, Persian, Pashto, Dari, Indonesian, Turkish and more.

The Quran Pen can point and read Ayah or Surah of the Complete Quran. It has the ability to store extra MP3 audio in the pen of your choice, includes Arabic Learning Lessons for Beginners, Qaida Noorania, Allah's Names, Anasheed, Alroqia AlSharia, Prayer Illustrations, Morning and Evening Daily Duas/supplications, Juz Amma and selected surahs such as Surah Ya-Seen and Surah Al- Mulk etc.You can also select/play different daily use Dua (supplications) using provided card.

*Please note that this pen only works with the provided printed Quran book.


  • Reasons of revelations by Imaam as Suyouti

  • Hadith related to the verse when applicable

  • A verse is recited 3 times for memorization

  • Record your recitation of the verse and compare it with that of your favourite Qari

  • Practice one tajweed rule in each page of the Mushaf

  • Tajweed rules explained in Arabic

  • Meaning of Quran vocabulary

What's in the Box?

  • Large Size Quran 25cm by 18cm

  • The Reader Pen (8GB)

  • – 6 Hours battery life
    – Built-In Rechargeable Battery, Speaker, Volume Control, USB Port, Earphone jack and TF Card jack
    – Rechargeable (PC & Socket) with charger
    – Supports MP3 files

  • Qoida Noorania
    – Arabic Letters Learning Guide
    – Duaas from The Quran and Hadith
    – Almighty Allah's Names
    – 6 Nasheeds

  • Printed Colour Coded Quran Book (Big Siz cm) in well printed Othmani font on precious paper with beautiful cover.

  • Sahih Al-Bukhari Book

  • Talking Dictionary Book

  • USB cable

  • Charger

  • Users manual/Surah/Duaa Index card

  • Earphone

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