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This soft cuddly toy is more than just a pillow! With our own unique child-friendly recording, recorded especially for My Dua Pillow, and our exclusive lullaby that helps children fall asleep!
Get your children closer to the Islamic religion and its teachings with our highly advanced My Dua and Quran Pillow. Designed with a modern approach, the pillows are equipped with a highly responsive interface. Thus, when turned on, it automatically tunes in,  Quran Surahs, Arabic duas, English duas and much more come embedded within the pillow. Moreover, they are also made up of a super smooth fabric which is then cushioned with the best-in-quality pillow cushions to make them both comfortable and highly durable.

Available in Pink, blue, yellow and rainbow colours. The pillows are crafted in attractive shapes that will interest your children. To ease the learning process, users can also change the language settings shown in the manual to go back and forth from Arabic and English.

Our My Dua/Quran Pillow comes with

    • Huge collection of Islamic Surahs, Nasheeds, Kalima's, and Arabic and English duas

    • Free manual to ease the understanding of using the pillow

    • Adjustable volume settings with the option to change the language

    • Comfortable and highly durable cushion

Surahs and Duas Included

Arabic Duas: Sleeping, Waking,Before doing anything, Praising our lord, Learning more knowledge, Sneezing, Before eating, After eating, Entering the bathroom, Exiting the bathroom, Leaving the house, Greeting somebody, Responding to a greeting, Asing for forgiveness

English Duas: Make me a hafiz of the quran, Help me to give charity, Make me a good muslim, Take me and my family to jannah, Take me to makkah madina, Help me to be good to my parents, Bless my parents in jannah, Forgive my parents and all muslims

Qura’n Surahs: Surah Fatiha, Ayatul Kursi, Amanur Rasool ( End of Surah Baqarah), Surah Yaseen, Surah Ar Rahman, Surah Mulk, 3 Quls 

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