Mushaf al Tajweed Quran: Translation & Transliteration (Arabic & English) (Dar Al Maarifah)

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Embark on Wisdom with Mushaf al Tajweed Quran (Arabic & English Translation)

Embark on a journey of spiritual enlightenment with the Mushaf al Tajweed Quran, a large edition that encapsulates the beauty and guidance of the holy Quran. This masterpiece, adorned with translation in English and English transliteration, is meticulously crafted to enhance your reading experience.

Key Features

  1. Color-coded Tajweed Rules: Immerse yourself in the divine recitation of the Quran with color-coded Tajweed rules. The strategic use of colors aids in properly pronouncing letters, highlighting nuances such as extended vowels, nasalized letters, loud and echoing sounds, and silent letters. This color-coded system is a valuable guide, making it easier for readers to recite the Quran correctly.
  2. Large and Clear Text: This Mushaf al Tajweed Quran boasts a large-size format with bold and clear text, ensuring readability for individuals of all ages. The English translation and transliteration are presented in a way that promotes easy understanding. The clarity of the words makes this Quran accessible to everyone, fostering a deeper connection with the sacred text.
  3. High-Quality Printing and Durable Paper: This Mushaf al Tajweed Quran is printed on high-quality paper with a light background, the bold letters stand out, enhancing the overall reading experience. The durability of the paper ensures that the Quran remains intact and pristine, providing a long-lasting resource for your spiritual journey.
  4. Affordable Excellence: This Mushaf al Tajweed Quran stands out not only for its quality but also for its affordability. Mushaf al Tajweed Quran offers a cost-effective option compared to other market alternatives. You can embrace excellence without compromising your budget, making this Quran accessible to a broader audience seeking the teachings of the Quran.

The English-Arabic Mushaf al Tajweed Quran is a source of enlightenment, guidance, and accessibility. With a meticulous color-coded system, large and clear text, durable construction, and affordability, this Quran is an invaluable asset for every Muslim seeking a profound connection with the holy book of Islam. Experience the beauty of the Quran with a touch of practicality, order yours today! 


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