Mushaf al Tajweed Quran: Translation & Transliteration (Arabic & English) (Dar Al Maarifah)

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English ƒ?? Arabic Tajweed ul Quran Large size, with translation in English and English transliteration; whole Quran, with color coding key and duaa al-khatm.
Quran is considered a very holy book of Islam, and it is believed that it contains a collection of messages given by Allah. Although there are many differences on this matter and despite the differences, Muslims believe that Allah conveyed QURAN through their angel Jibril to prophet Islam Hazrat Muhammad Sahab. The Quran is a very religious book close to all Muslims around the globe.

Why should you buy it?

  • Quran is the very holy book of Islam; you should always read it systematically. The system of tajweed is an extremely good guide to improve the reading style of the Quran. This holy book is translated into Arabic and English.

  • In this book, the placement of some letters has been colored for convenience and to recite the Quran properly.

  • The red color is used to highlight letters requiring extended vowels.

  • Nasalised letters are green in this book.

  • The blue color specifies the unrest letters loud and echoing sound.

  • The letters that are written but not pronounced are grey in color code.

  • Using color code will help the readers to read the Quran correctly.

  • Modesty collection brings you an exclusive collection of the Quran in the English language.

  • This book is available in large and other different sizes and thicknesses. This is able to offer a new perspective based on the teachings of the Quran.

  • The paper used to print this book is of very high quality, and its background is light, due to which the letters are extremely bold and clear so that people of all ages can read it easily.

  • The paper covered in this book is very durable and rich in quality which does not damage the inside papers of the books.

  • Books available by modesty are lower-priced than the books available in the market.

  • Being high in quality, this book is so durable.

The English translation of the Mushaf Al Tajweed Quran available in the modesty collection has been done by very experienced and professional translators, which greatly reduces the chances of making mistakes. The words in the book are very clear and of large size, which is easily understandable. The biggest feature of this book is that everyone can easily understand it, so it has been provided in different colors for easy pronunciation.

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