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Introducing a unique and educational product designed with utmost respect for Islamic values - the "World first Masjid Al-Nabawi" building block set made by Muslim Blocks®. Created solely for educational purposes, this pioneering set allows children to explore the beauty of Islamic architecture and culture in a manner that aligns with Islamic teachings.

Immerse yourself in the sanctity of Madinah with the extraordinary Muslim Blocks® style model set - "Masjid Al-Nabawi," a faithful representation of our beloved Prophet's Mosque. This meticulously crafted 300+ piece set showcases the mosque's elegant features, including the iconic Green and Silver Domes, majestic Minarets, graceful Courtyard Umbrellas, and the revered Al-Baqi Gate, leading to the sacred Rawdah.

1. Precise Reproduction:

The Masjid Al-Nabawi model set meticulously reproduces the mosque's grandeur and details, staying true to its awe-inspiring design. Every element is thoughtfully crafted to honor the sacredness of the real Masjid Al-Nabawi.

2. Premium Quality Components:

Crafted with high-quality recycled materials, the model Muslim Blocks® set ensures durability and an impeccable finish. The pieces are designed to fit seamlessly, ensuring a satisfying building experience.

3. Fostering Knowledge:

As children construct the Masjid Al-Nabawi model, they are encouraged to explore the history, cultural significance, and architectural aspects of this sacred site, deepening their understanding of Islamic heritage.

4. Elegance in Display:

Upon assembly, the model majestically stands with dimensions of H: 6.9 inches (17.5 cm), D: 5 inches (12.8 cm), and W: 9.4 inches (24 cm), making it an eye-catching centerpiece for any display or educational showcase.

Dive deep into Islamic heritage with the distinctive "World's First Masjid Al-Nabawi" Muslim Blocks® set. Crafted with a keen emphasis on education and cultural enrichment, this set aims to foster a profound love for learning and a genuine connection to the architectural grandeur of Masjid Al-Nabawi. This offering encapsulates the perfect blend of knowledge and respect, presenting a tangible experience of Islamic values and heritage.

Is it permissible to make a model of Masjid An Nabawi ?

Several distinguished muftis have clarified that the creation of this structure is permissible within Islamic guidelines only if its purpose is educational and not aimed at being worshipped. (Allah knows best)

In alignment with these principles, we affirm that our educational blocks are not only fully compliant with Islamic teachings but are also intended to foster an understanding and appreciation of significant Islamic traditions. These blocks are not meant to be idolized or venerated; they are carefully crafted to serve as an engaging and respectful learning resource.

Just as we inculcate reverence for the Quran in our children's hearts, we anticipate that they will engage with these educational blocks with the same dignity and comprehension. By weaving education with play, we aspire to make learning an enjoyable experience, nurturing our children's connection with their Islamic identity, and imbuing them with a profound respect for our rich Islamic legacy.

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