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Interactive Quran Learning with Kiitab and Juz Amma for Kids

Make Quran learning fun and effective for your child with Juz Amma with Kiitab by Learning Roots. This comprehensive Quran learning bundle is designed to help children recite and memorize the last Juz of the Quran independently. Kiitab's interactive functions, combined with the engaging activities in Juz Amma, create an enjoyable and educational experience for young learners.

Key Features

  1. Interactive Learning: Kiitab provides an immersive learning experience by reading out pages and engaging children with interactive games. This feature allows them to learn and revise independently, enhancing their understanding and retention of the Quranic verses.
  2. Tajweed Rules: The bundle incorporates Tajweed color codes, ensuring that children learn to recite with correct pronunciation and intonation. Following the Madinah Uthmani Script Mushaf, this feature helps children develop a strong foundation in the rules of Tajweed from a young age.
  3. Hifdh Games: The bundle includes engaging 'Find Me' games to make memorization enjoyable and effective. These games not only make learning fun but also strengthen memorization skills, helping children retain the verses of Juz Amma more effectively.
  4. Comprehensive Learning: Understanding the meaning of the Quranic verses is essential for a deeper connection with the Quran. That's why this bundle includes English translations of each verse. This feature enables children to grasp the meanings of the verses, enhancing their overall comprehension and appreciation of the Quran.


  • 12 months warranty
  • USB charged so no batteries are needed
  • Works with all future Kiitab products
  • This bundle includes: Kiitab and Juz Amma

Transform your child's Quran learning journey with Juz Amma with Kiitab. Give them the gift of a strong foundation in Quran recitation and memorization. Order now and watch your child's love for the Quran grow!



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Najma Hassan
Perfect for kids

This quran is perfect for kids independent learning. It is easy to use and would highly recommend it.