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Eyes of Elegance with Kohl with Zamzam & Rose Water

Introducing Kohl with Zamzam & Rose Water, a traditional and authentic kohl powder made from 100% genuine Al Asmad with Zamzam and rose water. This product is more than just a cosmetic, it's a time-honored remedy used by people in the Arabian Peninsula to protect their eyes, enhance beauty, and promote eye health.

Key Features

  1. Strengthens Eye Vision: Kohl is renowned for its ability to strengthen eye vision. Regular use of our kohl powder can help improve the clarity of vision, making it an essential part of your daily eye care routine.
  2. Promotes Eyelash Growth: The natural ingredients in kohl powder contribute to the growth and thickness of eyelashes. By applying it regularly, you can achieve naturally longer and fuller lashes.
  3. Protects from Germs/Bacteria: Kohl has antimicrobial properties that help protect your eyes from harmful germs and bacteria. It forms a protective layer around the eyes, keeping them safe from infections.
  4. Genuine Al Asmad with Zam Zam & Rose Water: This kohl powder is made from 100% genuine Al Asmad with Zamzam and rose water, ensuring its authenticity and purity. This combination not only enhances your vision but also contributes to the growth of your eyelashes.


  • Color: Black
  • Ingredients: 100% genuine Al Asmad, Zamzam water, rose water
  • Usage: Apply three times to the right eye and twice to the left eye, following the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
  • Safety: Lead-free and safe for use.

Experience the timeless tradition and beauty benefits of Kohl with Zamzam & Rose Water. Enhance your eyes' natural allure, promote eye health, and embrace the Sunnah with this authentic and pure kohl powder. Buy it today and discover the difference in clarity, beauty, and tradition.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Taran Tourky
the descriptions says the product is lead free, but that's wrong

The product contains 59 percent lead, 58,600 times the recommended limit according to a study conducted by Multnomah County. This contradicts the claim in the description which says, "Safety: Lead-free and safe for use."


Excellent service




Love it very nice