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Introducing "The Holy Kaaba Islamic building block set" made by Muslim Blocks® - an educational and respectful building set designed exclusively for exploring the significance of the Holy Kaaba in Islam. This 367+ piece set allows children to embark on an enlightening journey through Islamic heritage, learning about the historical and religious importance of the Holy Kaaba. 

From the revered Maqam Ibrahim (Station of Ibrahim) to the sacred Hateem, the Hajr al Aswad (Black Stone), the esteemed Meezab Rahmat (Water Spout), and the iconic Kiswah – this set is a testament to the utmost precision and attention to detail

Discover the essence of the Holy Kaaba, an emblem of Islamic heritage, through  exceptional Muslim Blocks® style model set. Delight in the joy of assembling this captivating structure, piece by piece, and immerse yourself in its rich history and religious significance through the fact-filled instructions book.

1. Education Through Play:

This building block set is thoughtfully designed to provide an engaging and informative learning experience. Children are encouraged to construct the Holy Kaaba model, fostering a deeper understanding of its history and spiritual significance in Islam.

2. Respectful Representation:

We are committed to upholding the sanctity of the Holy Kaaba. This set is carefully crafted to avoid any form of worship or admiration, ensuring that it remains a dedicated educational tool.

3. Safe and High-Quality:

Building Muslim Blocks® are made from premium recycled materials, prioritizing safety and durability. Children can enjoy hours of constructive play with confidence.

4. Cultivating Cultural Awareness:

By interacting with the Holy Kaaba in a respectful and informative manner, children develop a sense of cultural pride and a strong connection to their Islamic identity.

5. Encouraging Creativity:

"Muslim Blocks® The Holy Kaaba Edition" inspires creativity, allowing children to use their imagination while constructing their own representation of the revered Holy Kaaba.

6. Showcase of Elegance:

Once assembled, the finished model stands tall at H: 4.9 inches (12.6 cm), D: 7.6 inches (19.2 cm), and W: 6.9 inches (17.6 cm), becoming a captivating addition to any display or educational collection. Its majestic presence commands attention and reverence.

Note:  "Muslim Blocks® The Holy Kaaba Islamic building block" set is solely intended for educational purposes in Islam. It is not designed for worship or admiration, but rather to enrich knowledge and promote cultural understanding.

Embark on a captivating journey of Islamic heritage and spirituality with "Muslim Blocks® The Holy Kaaba Islamic building block set" Embrace the essence of education and reverence as children learn about the significance of the Holy Kaaba.

This unique building block set fosters a love for learning and an authentic connection to the sacredness of the Holy Kaaba, making it a valuable addition to your child's educational resources.

Is it permissible to make a model of Kaaba? 

Several distinguished muftis have clarified that the creation of this structure is permissible within Islamic guidelines only if its purpose is educational and not aimed at being worshipped. (Allah knows best)

In alignment with these principles, we affirm that our educational blocks are not only fully compliant with Islamic teachings but are also intended to foster an understanding and appreciation of significant Islamic traditions. These blocks are not meant to be idolized or venerated; they are carefully crafted to serve as an engaging and respectful learning resource.

Just as we inculcate reverence for the Quran in our children's hearts, we anticipate that they will engage with these educational blocks with the same dignity and comprehension. By weaving education with play, we aspire to make learning an enjoyable experience, nurturing our children's connection with their Islamic identity, and imbuing them with a profound respect for our rich Islamic legacy.


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Very educational set

Very educational set. Keep the children on the go to complete the model

Melanie Selimovska
Muslim blocks- kabbah

My son had so much building this. Instructions were very easy to follow.