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The Quick Method of Learning to Read the Al-Quran by Ustaz Haji Asad Humam.

The simplest way to learn how to read the Quran with proper tajweed. Learn how to recite the Quran correctly within 8 months. Excellent for beginners or for those who wish to improve their tajweed. It emphasizes the teaching of reading Al-Quran through the phonic method, which is how the Angel Jibril taught the Prophet (peace be upon him) to read, and the Prophet (pbuh) later taught his family and his companions. A set of 6 books designed to teach how to read Al-Quran through easy step by step method.


The product pictures include the start of the 4th Iqra’ Book and the middle of the 6th Iqra’ book, a showcase of the range covered by these beautiful ways to learn Quran, something for all learning levels, whether a beginner or advanced learner.

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