I Love Arabic: Arabic Alphabet and Writing

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Fun Learning with I Love Arabic: Arabic Alphabet and Writing

Arabic Alphabet and Writing, the second book in the I Love Arabic series, is an excellent resource for young learners eager to master the Arabic script. This vibrant and engaging book introduces children to Arabic letters, guiding them through identifying and writing each one. With charming illustrations to color and ample practice opportunities, this book makes learning Arabic both fun and educational.

Key Features:

  1. Charming Illustrations: Each letter is paired with a delightful illustration that young learners can color. These engaging visuals make the learning process enjoyable and help children associate each letter with a memorable image.
  2. Comprehensive Introduction: The book thoroughly introduces the Arabic alphabet, ensuring that children can identify and write each letter. This foundational knowledge is crucial for their progress in learning the Arabic language.
  3. Practice Makes Perfect: Ample space is provided for children to practice writing each letter, reinforcing their learning through repetition. This hands-on approach helps develop fine motor skills and muscle memory for writing Arabic letters.
  4. Skill Development: Arabic Alphabet and Writing helps children develop essential skills, such as identifying letters, sequencing them correctly, and writing them accurately. These skills are fundamental for reading and writing in Arabic.
  5. Interactive Learning: The book keeps young learners engaged and motivated by combining coloring and writing exercises. This interactive approach ensures that children remain interested and enjoy the learning process.


  • Pages: 64
  • Trim Size: 27 x 105 cm
  • ISBN: 9788178988580

Give your child a head start in mastering the Arabic script with "Arabic Alphabet and Writing." This delightful book combines colorful illustrations and hands-on practice to create a fun and effective learning experience. Order your copy today and watch your child embark on an exciting journey of Arabic literacy.


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