Hajj & Umrah - Anti-Theft Waist Bag & Ihram Belt (Medium)

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Say goodbye to all your worries with our Ihram belt, developed by Hajj Safe, which comes specially equipped with one of the most advanced safety features. Designed with the best-in-quality waterproof fabric, the bag is capable of securely holding all your personal accessories. Starting from smartphones, ear accessories, or even daily cosmetics, almost every single item can easily fit into the many chambers provided with our bags. The straps are reinforced with industry-grade metal wires to make them even more secure, making them slash-proof. Therefore, investing in one of these products can indeed ensure you with worry-free travel during your Hajj.

Bag Size: 28cm x 11cm x 1cm

Belt length: will fit from 30 waists to 42+ waists

Material: Nylon water resistant material

Weight: 170g

Additional features of our bag include:

  • Vital water-resistant material.

  • A splash-proof smooth exterior.

  • A huge space for storing items.

Users can also leverage the hidden buckle that ensures a proper fit and keeps things from jerking too much.

Our Hajj Belt comes with

  • Anti-theft Ihram belt consisting of no animal products

  • Secure space for all daily essentials

  • High-quality fabric with no risk of skin irritations or rashes

  • Highly adaptable buckle belt

What makes our Hajj belt unique:

  • Water-resistant exterior coating suitable for all seasons

  • Huge space with numerous chambers for tucking in daily necessities safely

  • Wire reinforced waist strap makes the bag and the Ihram belt slash-proof

  • Can use it for storing money safely hidden under clothes

  • Separate compartment available for storing passport and tickets

What makes the Modesty Collection a good choice?

At Modesty Collection, we, as a team of customer-oriented enthusiasts, have always strived our best to offer our customers the most genuine products. Bearing this motive in mind, we have designed the anti-theft Hajj belt that arrives with many advanced features. Made with animal cruelty-free products, the straps are highly elastic and donƒ??t lose their fitting even after prolonged usage. So, if youƒ??re looking for the best-in-quality anti-theft purses or bags, you know where to find the right product for you.

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