Goodword Arabic Writing 1

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Fun and Effective Arabic Writing Practice for Kids

"Goodword Arabic Writing 1" is the perfect book for your children to practice their Arabic writing skills and unleash their inner calligraphers. This engaging workbook provides a bright and systematic approach to learning Arabic letters, ensuring that children have ample opportunity to trace and master each letter as they progress through the pages.

Key Features:

  1. Engaging Practice: This book offers children a fun and interactive way to practice Arabic writing, encouraging them to develop their skills with confidence.
  2. Latent Calligraphers: Designed to bring out latent calligraphers in young learners, this series inspires creativity and precision in Arabic writing.
  3. Bright Illustrations: Each letter is presented in a brightly illustrated format, capturing children's attention and making learning enjoyable.
  4. Traceable Letters: Every page provides opportunities for children to trace the letter they have just learned, reinforcing their understanding and improving their handwriting.


  • Pages: 43
  • Trim Size: 27 x 99 cm
  • ISBN: 9788178985374

"Goodword Arabic Writing 1" is an essential addition to your child's learning journey, making the process of mastering Arabic writing both fun and effective. With its engaging format and ample trading opportunities, this workbook is perfect for nurturing young calligraphers. Order your copy today and watch your child's Arabic writing skills flourish!


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