Cosmic Karate Belts Rainbow 160g

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Cosmic Karate Belts Rainbow, a Burst of Fruity and Sour Flavor

Indulge in the mouthwatering taste of Karate Belts Rainbow Candy, a delightful treat bursting with fruity goodness and a hint of sourness. These colorful belts are infused with fruit juice, offering a unique and satisfying snacking experience. Perfect for sharing, this 160g Share Bag is ideal for spreading joy and sweetness among friends and family.

Key Features

  1. Fruity and Sour Flavor: Karate Belts Rainbow Candy combines the sweetness of fruit with a tangy sour kick, creating a balanced and flavorful taste sensation.
  2. Rainbow of Colors: Each belt features a vibrant rainbow of colors, adding a fun and visually appealing element to your snacking experience.
  3. Fruit Juice Infusion: Made with real fruit juice, these Karate Belts offer a natural and authentic fruity flavor that is both refreshing and delicious.
  4. Shareable Size: The 160g Share Bag contains plenty of Karate Belts for sharing, making it a perfect choice for gatherings, parties, or simply enjoying with loved ones.


  • Flavor: Fruity with a hint of sourness
  • Quantity: 160g Share Bag

Treat yourself and your loved ones to the delightful taste of Karate Belts Rainbow Candy. Whether you're craving a sweet and sour snack or looking for a fun treat to share, these colorful belts are sure to satisfy your cravings. Order now and enjoy the fruity goodness of Karate Belts Rainbow Candy!


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Sour straps

Yummy been looking for halal ones just delicious