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Learn Salah with Steps to Prayer Book

Teach your child the fundamentals of Islamic prayer with the "Steps to Prayer Book." This step-by-step prayer sequencing game is designed to make learning about Salah engaging and fun for children. It covers everything from making wudu to understanding what to say during Salah and the prayer times, providing a comprehensive guide that your child will love.

Key Features:

  1. Interactive Learning: The "Steps to Prayer Book" transforms prayer learning into an engaging game. By turning each step of Salah into an interactive activity, children are encouraged to participate actively, making the learning process enjoyable and memorable. This approach not only captures their interest but also helps them understand and remember the sequence of Salah's steps effectively.
  2. Comprehensive Guidance: This book offers a thorough guide to the essential aspects of Islamic prayer. It includes detailed instructions on how to perform wudu (ablution), what to recite during Salah, and the specific times for prayers. By providing such comprehensive guidance, the book ensures that children gain a well-rounded understanding of Islamic practices, laying a solid foundation for their spiritual development.
  3. Visual Aids: Each card in the book features a clear and vivid picture related to the step of the prayer it represents. This visual element is particularly beneficial for young learners, as it helps them easily identify and memorize each part of the prayer. The colorful and engaging illustrations make the learning experience more enjoyable and effective for visual learners.
  4. Detailed Explanations: On the back of each card, there is a detailed explanation of how to perform the corresponding step of the prayer. These explanations are written in simple and easy-to-understand language, providing clarity and reinforcing the child's learning. This feature ensures that children not only follow the steps but also comprehend the significance and proper execution of each part of the prayer.


  • Pages: 48 pages
  • Recommended Age: 7+
  • Size: 300mm x 220mm
  • Author: Zaheer Khatri

Help your child develop a strong foundation in Islamic prayer with the "Steps to Prayer Book." This interactive and educational book is perfect for visual learners and provides a comprehensive guide to the steps of Salah. Order your copy today and make prayer learning a fun and engaging experience for your child.


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