The Quran (English & Arabic) by Saheeh International

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FREE Quran (Pay only Postage)

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At Modesty Collection, we introduce our Free Quran, which comes professionally translated and proofread by Islamic scholars. The holy book consists of a word-by-word translation of the Arabic teachings to English, mainly designed for Muslim families staying abroad. Starting from the significant purpose behind man's birth to the reality of the world, the book helps educate humanity about the Creation plan of Allah. As the lines are well-spaced on a light background, the letters appear much more precise and bold in every light condition.

The Quran, Saheeh International, Arabic text with English meaning:

This book contains the Arabic text of the Noble Quran with an English translation of the meanings of the Quran provided by Noor International,
which is a precise translation produced by a team of legal and linguistic experts, according to a rigorous scientific methodology.
This translation is based on reliable interpretations of the mainstream Sunni methodology, such as the interpretation of Al-Tabari and Ibn Katheer.
This translation was carried out according to the methodology of the predecessors, based on the authentic hadiths and sayings of the companions, followers, and scholars.

Dear Customer for the past few years we had to charge 1 cent on every free product as part of the Google policy requirement. As the products into the FREE range are subject to availability, sometimes we are unable to fulfill the order. Any amount collected towards this FREE product range has been donated to a Charity. (Team Modesty)

Why choose from the Modesty Collection?

At Modesty Collection, we are a customer-oriented business working for many years now with one long-term goal. Initially started to help all Muslim families have seamless access to all Islamic essentials, we recently launched Free Quran comes with English translations. Since its release in the market, the book has been sold across all of Melbourne's educational bookshops. Thus, if interested to get your hands on these easy-to-carry and lightweight authentic translation Quran, you now know where to look for.

Want to get your hands over our free Quran? You will find them right here at Modesty Collection. Also, feel free to check our exclusive collections of books; they are available at the lowest price in the market. So buy your favourite ones before they stock out.

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