Black Seed Vapour Rub 50grm

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If you have been looking for a vapour rub filled with the goodness of organic black seed essential oil, you’re at the right place.

Specially manufactured using only the best extraction methods, it arrives with several advantages for the overall wellbeing of an individual. The formula consists of a perfect balance of all-natural components that target all ailments precisely when used. Moreover, the high penetration effect instantly works by getting absorbed into the deeper layers of skin, eradicating the issue deep inside itself.

Apart from that, it also has a mild, refreshing smell that makes it easy on nerves. Although there is still ongoing research regarding the benefits of black seed oil, you can trust the testimony of our millions of happy users!

Our Black Seed oil comes bearing

    • 100% natural components

    • No chemicals, no preservatives, and is completely Solvent-free

    • Packaged in special bottles that preserve their chemical formula in all kinds of conditions

What makes Black Seed Roll-on unique:

    • The freshly cold-pressed extraction technique

    • Unique high strength formula safe for all ages

    • No withdrawal effects

    • GMO and animal-cruelty free

Some beneficial features:

    • Best suitable for pain relief and management for people with rheumatoid arthritis

    • Offers protection against atopic eczema

    • Aids in managing hypertension, migraine, and hair related issues

Why purchase from the Modesty Collection?

Working as a customer-oriented family business for many years now, we at Modesty Collection strive to help our customers achieve the best-in-class Islamic lifestyle. Therefore, all products are carefully selected and undergo a strict screening process before selling in our store to achieve this mission. Like this Black Seed Vapour Rub, it is manufactured using a slow, cold-pressed method; our team ensures that all the essential components are preserved well. Afterward, this oil is then transferred to a specially designed UV-protected packaging to sell out in stores. So, with this Black Seed Vapour Rub, you get the first-hand experience on the natural benefits of the Black Seed oil that too within a very affordable price.

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