Bidet - Clean Every Day

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Bidet - Clean Every Day

Easy to install -?每?每BIDET SEATS CAN REDUCE TOILET PAPER BY 75% or more!
There are so many amazing benefits of the Bidet! Read below to see why YOU should have one easily, cheaply and quickly placed in your bathroom for a more beneficial and clean body.?每

Please note - The cover/appearance of the box may change over time due to a change in manufacturers over time, but this won't change the quality of our product!

1. More hygienic than paper
You wouldn茠??t just wipe your hands on a paper towel if it was full of germs and bacteria, would you? You would feel it was only clean by using water and soap. So why would you use dry toilet paper on your bottom? A sensitive area that you should treat as best as you could to prevent future problems
2. Women & New mothers
Menstrual periods often means un fresh feelings. Using water to wash yourself will help you feel clean. Mothers who have given birth may be extra sensitive in that area. Making use of a BIDET茠??S wash features can be relaxing and soothing
3. Seniors
As we get older, using a restroom can become a difficult task. Some turn for assistance with wiping. This can lower a person茠??s self esteem. A bidet seat can help RESTORE confidence and allow you to regain your independence.
4. Save Money
Toilet paper on average is about $10 for 12. Have a big family? You would use a fraction of the toilet paper you would normally with CLEANER results. You茠??ll save money on toilet paper to spend on something better
5. Helps with health problems
Suffer from constipation or haemorrhoids? A bidet seat will help. Bidets have enough pressure to send water inside you for more thorough cleaning to help flush your system. Haemorrhoid suffers no longer need to suffer with rough abrasive feel of toilet paper
6. Good for kids
Personal hygiene is something we all want for kids. A bidet will help develop great personal hygiene habits. Will also help them prevent from getting sick by eliminating faecal matter and bacteria
7. Prevents toilet clogging
Using a bidet will help use less toilet paper, cost effective but also help prevent clogged toilets. Toilet paper clogs can be costly to fix, no matter how strong companies claim that toilet paper is flushable, large masses of it going through the same pipes will eventually cause problems. With a bidet you really need only a FEW SQUARES of toilet paper to pat dry so it significantly reduces the amount of waste your flushing

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