Hamil Al Musk Charcoal for Bakhoor

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Elevate Your Bakhoor Experience with Hamil Al Musk Charcoal

Experience the convenience and quality of Hamil Al Musk Charcoal, an economical instant light charcoal designed for burning bakhoor. Manufactured by the makers of the popular Hamil-Al brand, Al-Hamil Charcoal is specifically crafted for bakhoor, offering an odorless and smoke-free experience that does not interfere with the fragrance.

Key Features

  1. Premium Quality: Made with 100% premium quality materials, each Hamil Al Musk Charcoal roll contains ten individual charcoals, ensuring a consistent and reliable burning experience.
  2. Easy to Light: These charcoals are easy to light and long-lasting, providing a steady burn that produces ample smoke, perfect for enhancing the aroma of your bakhoor or hookah experience.
  3. Odorless and Smoke-Free: Enjoy the pure fragrance of your bakhoor without any unwanted odors or smoke, as Hamil Al Musk Charcoal is designed to be odorless and smoke-free.
  4. Convenient Packaging: Each pack contains 10 disks of charcoal, individually packed for easy storage and use. With a burning time of 25-35 minutes per charcoal, you can enjoy an extended and consistent burn for your bakhoor.


  • Quantity: 10 Disks per pack
  • Size: 33mm per charcoal
  • Burning Time: 25-35 mins per charcoal
  • Packaging: Individual Packing (10 Disks per pack) & box (10 packs)

Enhance your bakhoor burning experience with Hamil Al Musk Charcoal. Its premium quality, easy lighting, and long-lasting burn make it the perfect choice for creating a fragrant and smoke-free atmosphere. Order your pack today and elevate your bakhoor experience to new heights.


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