Al-Harameen Wall Azan Clock (HA-5115)

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Color: Silver
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Experience the Beauty of Azan with the Al-Harameen Wall Azan Clock

Elevate your prayer experience with the Al-Harameen Big Size Azan Clock HA-5115, designed for both home and masjid use. This clock not only delivers the azan of five times, inspiring Muslims to be steadfast in their prayers but also ensures they never miss a prayer regardless of their daily commitments. Ideal for those living far from the masjid, this clock brings the essence of the mosque to your home.

Key Features

  1. Complete Azan for All Prayers (with Volume Control): Experience the beauty of a high-quality azan sound for all prayers, with volume control to suit your preference. The HA-5115 ensures you hear the call to prayer clearly, enhancing your prayer experience.

  2. Prayer Times for Most Cities Around the World: Stay on track with your prayers no matter where you are. The HA-5115 calculates accurate prayer times for most cities globally, ensuring you never miss a prayer even when traveling.

  3. Hijri and Gregorian Calendars: Keep track of the Islamic and Gregorian dates effortlessly. The HA-5115 displays both calendars, allowing you to align your spiritual and daily routines seamlessly.

  4. Charger Battery for Saving Program When Power Off: Never lose your settings. The HA-5115 comes with a charger battery that saves your program in case of a power outage, ensuring your clock remains accurate and reliable.


  • Model: HA-5115
  • Brand: Al-Harameen
  • Colour: Gold, Silver
  • Language: Arabic or English
  • Dimension: 36 cm x 48 cm
  • Weight: 940 g

Enhance your prayer routine with the Al-Harameen Big Size Azan Clock HA-5115. Whether at home or in the masjid, this clock ensures you never miss a prayer and stay connected to your faith. Order yours today and experience the convenience and spiritual upliftment it brings to your life.


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