Al-Harameen Wall Azan Clock (HA-4028)

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Color: Silver
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Stay on Track with the Al-Harameen Wall Azan Clock

The Al-Harameen Wall Azan Clock (HA-4028) is more than just a timepiece; it's a companion for your spiritual journey. This advanced clock features accurate prayer times for cities worldwide, displayed on its LED screen along with the azan time, date, and weekdays. Whether in your home, mosque, school, or workplace, this clock ensures you never miss a prayer.

Key Features

  1. Accurate Prayer Times: The Al-Harameen Wall Azan Clock (HA-4028) offers precise prayer times for most cities around the world, ensuring that you never miss a prayer. With its reliable calculations, you can trust that you're following the correct prayer schedule according to your location.
  2. LED Display: The clock features a clear and easy-to-read LED screen that displays the azan time, date, and weekdays. This bright display ensures that you can quickly glance at the clock to check prayer times and stay organized throughout the day.
  3. Built-in Prayer Alarm: Never miss a prayer with the built-in prayer alarm. This feature alerts you when it's time to pray, helping you stay focused on your spiritual obligations even during busy times.
  4. Adjusts for Daylight Saving Time: The clock automatically adjusts for daylight saving time, ensuring that your prayer schedule remains accurate throughout the year. This feature saves you the hassle of manually changing the clock settings twice a year.
  5. Battery Backup: The clock is equipped with a battery backup system, ensuring that all your settings are saved even during power outages. This feature provides peace of mind, knowing that your clock will continue to function smoothly without any interruptions.


  • Model: HA-4028
  • Display: LED
  • Time Formats: 12-hour or 24-hour
  • Power Source: Battery backup for saving settings during power outages

The Al-Harameen Wall Azan Clock (HA-4028) is a reliable and practical tool for every Muslim household or institution. Its accurate prayer times, LED display, and customizable alarms make it a valuable addition to your daily life. Order yours today and elevate your spiritual practice with the convenience of modern technology.


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