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How do you know if this clock is right for you? The CF-19 is different to the other Al Fajr Models, in that it is smaller, meaning more compact and fits on your desk. Keep it with you wherever you go, it is also the perfect gift to a growing Muslim or Muslim family. 

It has an advanced system with incredible features to ensure you pray on time. Its incredible Athan options will inshaAllah increase you in Iman. 

Clock Features

COMPLETE AZAN ( for all cities around the world ):

A high quality digital Azan sound for all prayers (including complete Fajr azan) can be played. With azan volume control fitted in all clock models.
Azan times are calculated accurately for all cities around the world. ALFAJR uses the local taqweem or the most widely used taqweem system for your city. Other standard taqweem systems are available, as follows :

AUTOMATIC FAJR ALARM : ( not available in CJ-07 )

This unique feature allows you to wake up everyday exactly at the same time relative to Fajr azan. For example, suppose you set the alarm to 5:15 AM and the Fajr azan is at 5:00 AM. On the next day, if Fajr azan becomes 5:01 AM, then automatically this alarm will change to 5:16 AM. In this case, you will wake up 15 minutes after Fajr azan everyday.

Date Fajr Azan Fajr Alarm
JAN 1 5:00 AM 5:15 AM
JAN 2 5:01 AM 5:16 AM automatically changes to 5:16


The daily alarm is a regular alarm that rings at the same time everyday. Moreover, this alarm can be set not to ring on weekends.


Qibla direction (relative to the North) can be displayed.


Gregorian or Hijri calendar can be displayed.
The Hijri calendar follows the Gregorian date and is based on the astronomical moon sighting at Mecca.


Temperature reading in Celsius is displayed.


    • Daylight Saving Time option ( for countries using this system ).
    • Gentle prayers reminder ( when azan sound is turned off ).
    • One Time Alarm: In addition to Fajr and daily alarms, ALFAJR clock includes an extra alarm ( called 1-Day alarm ). It can be set to ring for special appointments.
    • One Time Alarm: In addition to Fajr and daily alarms, ALFAJR clock includes an extra alarm ( called 1-Day alarm ). It can be set to ring for special appointments.
    • Crescendo sound: All alarms have gentle wake-up sound that increase gradually.

Desk Clock CF-19

Modesty Islamic Superstores:

Established in 2013 by the Tamuryani family with the vision of fulfilling the community's need for Islamic products. we have three physical stores in Victoria, Australia (Dandenong, Epping and Coburg) and sell our products locally and globally online.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Faisel Essof

Alhumdulillah, a good product. Delivered in good time. Will definitely be shopping here often.

Moosa Kutty
One of the best Islamic products i have ever bought. Must BUY. A wonderful investment for family.

Living in Australia means missing the Adhaan's call to prayer, a reminder of our upbringing in a Muslim community. Sadly, our children might never experience this. Despite trying many apps and clocks, none were effective or sounded good. Then, a friend's clock impressed us. It had faithfully served them for 15 years, with clear Adhaan sounds customizable to local timings. I immediately bought one from Fajjr's website. It's not just a beautiful decor piece but also the perfect solution for authentic Adhaan sounds. Highly recommended for any Muslim household.

Samreen Awais Khan
Azan clock

Its very good i love Makkah azan


Best buy. Came already set to my town batteries included which was a thoughtful touch. Beautiful Adan sounds to choose from. Only regret not buying sooner