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This book is a compilation of 40 Hadiths which stress the importance of knowledge, learning and teaching.

Are you looking for the most reliable and authentic 40 Hadith? Then, you have arrived at the right place. Arriving with the most holistic and comprehensive collection of the Hadiths initially offered by the Messenger of Allah, our 40 Hadith will aid individuals to get closer to Allah and his great teachings by stressing on the importance of knowledge, learning and teaching. The writings are bold, clear, and large enough to be easily read and understood on a light cream background. Apart from that, the book and its pages are intricately designed, making it a delight to go through them. Written by Assad Nimber Busool.

Best of all, the covers are made up of only the best quality materials and hence last long even with regular usage. So although we are regularly upgrading, if interested, come and check what our thousands of happy customers have to say about us.

Our 40 Hadith comes with

  • The many great teachings offered by the Prophet Mohammed

  • 40 Hadiths beautifully explained for easy understanding

  • A mesmerizing exterior cover

  • Carefully written descriptions and explanations of each Hadith

What makes our 40 Hadith unique:

  • Professional translation and proof-reading

  • The easy-to-grasp language used for explanations

Why choose the Modesty Collection?

Since our starting years, we at Modesty Collection have always focused on offering the best resolutions to our customers. As a result, our 40 Hadith has been specially designed to cater to the needs of Muslim brothers and sisters to thrive in the path of Allah, like never before, with our products and service. The book has been carefully translated and summarized by well-known Islamic professional figures, which adds to the credibility of its teachings. Moreover, the book is also well protected making it the best choice for all homes.

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