30 Juz - 30 Part Set of the Holy Quran - Quality Hard Cover

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This beautiful 30 Part Set of the Holy Quran will make learning the Quran for yourself or for your young one very easy.

The 30 parts are split up by Juz, and each part has a hard cover with a magnificent design, making it very appealing to your children, as well as safe from rips or tears on the cover.
These books were made to last, and will help your minds grow into becoming the best Muslim that you can be. 

The 30 Juz set has been discounted from our in-store price, so make sure you grab yours today while stocks last!

Note: The Script is the Indo Script / Pak Script / Farsi Script / Persian Script - meaning it is the font type most commonly used in Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Malaysia, and more

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