Wall Azan Clock (AZ1060-8)

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Product Id:AZ1060-8
Product Name:AZ1060-8


remote control

red frame

glass panel

adaptor line 1.8M

Product Parameter

Item Size:


Carton size: L:114*W:29*H:67cm

Digit size: 1.5 inch

GrossWeight: 8.6kg/pcs

Net Weight: 7.6kg/pcs

Color: red

Product description

Displaying the five prayer times and the sunrise time.

Displaying the remaining time for Iqama with possibility to set this time for each prayer individually.

Flashing alarm when it's time for a prayer or Iqama.

Easy to use and control by a remote control and local keypad.

Displaying temperature.

Automatic and manual switching to daylight saving time.

Low power consumption (10W).

The mains cut doesn't affect AL-Moaqita time.

can be configured to display the authorized prayer times in the cities and villages all over the world.

Additional options:

High-quality Azan sound.

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