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An Immersive Learning Puzzle for Children with The Seerah Trail

The Seerah Trail Puzzle is a thoughtfully designed educational tool that assists parents in teaching their children about the Prophet Muhammad (S) and the significant events of his life engagingly and memorably. With its interactive and visually captivating format, the Seerah Trail Puzzle transforms learning into a fun and immersive experience for children.

Key Features:

  1. Visually Engaging Story Image: The Seerah Trail Puzzle features an all-in-one story image that is visually engaging, helping children remember the Prophet (S) and the key events of his life in a fun and captivating manner.
  2. Immediate Mental Association: Each image on the puzzle relates to a key event in the life of the Prophet (S), enabling children to build immediate mental associations for better long-term memory retention.
  3. Geographical Placement: The images are strategically placed geographically, helping children remember where each event took place with others, and enhancing their understanding of the Prophet's (S) life journey.
  4. Interchangeable Name Tags: The puzzle includes interchangeable name tags for 20 events and locations, allowing parents to assess their child's learning by asking them to place the correct name tag next to the corresponding image.
  5. Child-Friendly Design: Measuring 87cm by 58cm, the Seerah Trail Puzzle is designed to be the right level of difficulty for children to complete. The large, easy-to-handle pieces ensure that the puzzle is manageable and pieces are less likely to get lost.
  6. Engaging and Fun Learning: The interactive nature of the puzzle guarantees that children will learn about the Prophet (S) more engagingly and enjoyably, fostering a deep love and appreciation for Allah's finest creation.


  • Material: Thick, durable card
  • Size: 87cm x 58cm
  • Recommended Age: 5+
  • Number of Pieces: 20
  • Educational Focus: Key events in the life of the Prophet Muhammad (S), geographical placement of events

The Seerah Trail Puzzle is an excellent educational tool that makes learning about the Prophet Muhammad (S) an enjoyable and memorable experience for children. With its engaging visuals and interactive features, it helps foster a deep love and understanding of the Prophet's (S) life. Order the Seerah Trail Puzzle today and give your child the gift of learning in a fun and captivating way.


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