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Discover the Beauty of Islam in the Persian Script Quran

Dive into the beauty of the Quran with our Persian script edition, designed especially for those who prefer this script for their reading and recitation. With its clear Arabic text and white pages, this Quran provides a crisp and enjoyable reading experience, perfect for individuals from the subcontinent and beyond.

Key Features

  1. Persian Script: Tailored for readers from the subcontinent, the Persian script offers a familiar and comfortable reading experience. This script is widely used in countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, providing a connection to the language and tradition of the region.
  2. Clear Arabic Text: The Quran features clear Arabic text, ensuring easy reading and recitation. The clarity of the text makes it ideal for individuals of all ages and proficiency levels to engage with the Quranic verses.
  3. White Pages: The white pages provide a clean background, enhancing readability and reducing eye strain. The bright background ensures that the text stands out prominently, making it easier to focus on the words and meanings of the Quran.
  4. Arabic Only: This Quran contains only the Arabic text, perfect for those who prefer to focus solely on the original scripture. By omitting translations and transliterations, this edition stays true to the Arabic language, allowing readers to immerse themselves in the original words of the Quran.
  5. High-Quality Printing: The Quran is printed using high-quality materials, ensuring the text remains clear and legible for years. The durable binding and paper quality make this Quran a long-lasting companion for your spiritual journey.

Elevate your Quranic reading with our Persian script Quran. Whether you're a seasoned reader or just beginning your journey with the Quran, this edition offers a beautiful and accessible way to engage with the holy text. Order yours today and enhance your connection with the Quran.



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