Man Does Not Stand Alone

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Man Does Not Stand Alone
Julian Huxley, (1887-1975) the well-known British
writer, did not believe in God. He believed that man
did not need God, a concept explained in his aptly
titled book: Man Stands Alone.
It is noteworthy that a reputed American scientist,
Cressy Morrison, countered
Huxleyƒ??s thesis with a
book titled: Man Does
Not Stand Alone.
Even more so today,
many people express
the view that they do
not need God; that
success can be theirs
without their believing in
the Almighty. But if you conduct
a survey, you will find that their views do not
reflect mature perception. In fact, such remarks
are spawned by immature minds mostly belonging
to the under forty-age group. Psychological and
biological studies show that human beings attain
maturity only after reaching middle age. Prior to
this, they are not in a position to form any sound
opinions on the realities of life. Surveys show,
indeed, that superficial remarks about God are
made mostly by those who are as yet immature. But
with the transition from immaturity to maturity,
which comes with the acquisition of experience
and knowledge, a great number of people, including
atheists and apostates, become serious in their
approach to the subject of God. A thinker has aptly


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