Essential contemplations For every Muslim

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Essential contemplations For every Muslim
The darkness of the trials of life in which the Muslims stumble today, have made them forget the fundamental truths, which they are obliged to pay full attention to, and have foremost in their thoughts and contemplations. These truths, together, form the fundamentals of the Islamic personality, the precepts with which the lives of the Muslims are regulates, and from which their concepts arise. Amongst these precepts are some very important, comprhensive principles that include the following points, which must be contemplated by every Muslim. The truth, its importance to the Muslims, how he follows it and submits to it. Lowly Desires (hawaa), and the reality of the continuing battle between the believer and his accompanying shaytaan...and how a person if often directed by his hawaa! Obedience, is the light of the believer, which he does not exchange for the lowliness and darkness of sin.

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