Ameer Al Shabab

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ƒ?› Recommendation for: women and men

ƒ?› Contains denatured alcohol (halal)

ƒ?› Quantity: 100ml

ƒ?› Bottle with spray nozzle

ƒ?› Manufacturer: Ard Al Zaafaran
Perfume Ameer Al Shabab Eau de Parfum by Ard Al Zaafaran is an oriental, spicy-warm perfume for men and women.

Pleasantly fresh and fruity, the perfume starts with apples, peach, saffron and bergamot in the top note.

The perfume slowly turns into floral notes with lilies of the valley, roses and jasmine in the heart note.

A warm woody base concludes with ambergris, cypriol, sandalwood, cedar, patchouli, vanilla and white musk.

A wonderful, elegant, oriental perfume with a pleasant light sweetness, ideal for every occasion.

Main accords: woody, spicy, warm, fruity, oriental

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