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The Quran is a book of revelations from God.
Today it exists in the form of a book consisting
of 114 chapters. They were sent down by the
angel Gabriel or Jibril,
bit by bit according
to the demand of
T h e Q u r a n
is a revealed
book: it is not
authored by a
human being. It
is the actual word
of God in human
language. The Quran
began to be revealed to the Prophet Muhammad
through the angel Gabriel, in A.D. 610, while the
Prophet was sitting in seclusion in the cave of Hira
at the top of the Mountain of Light, two miles from
Makkah. Thus the scriptures were not revealed in
book-form at one point of time. Their various parts
were revealed as the occasion demanded. It was later
compiled in Madinah during the last days of the
Prophet. The entire revelation
was completed over a
period of 23 years.
The last passage
was revealed to the
Prophet while he
was addressing
a gathering at
Mo u n t A r a f a t
after performing
his last Hajj in A.D.

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