About the Prophet Muhammad SAW

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Poised between Africa, Asia and Europe, the Arabian
peninsula lay at the very heart of the ancient world.
Yet no ambitious conqueror had invaded the territory;
no ruler had sought to bring it under his domain.
All military campaigns had been limited to the area
bordering Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Palestine and Lebanon.
As for the Arabian peninsula, no one had considered it
worth fighting for. True, its shores were lapped by three
seas, but its interior offered little beyond inhospitable
desert and barren mountains.
Makkah was the central township of this land, it was
in this “uncultivable valley” in which it lay that the
Prophet Muhammadœ, was born on 22 April A.D.
570. His father, ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Abdul Muttalib, died
a few months before the birth of
the Prophet. He was only six
years of age when his mother,
Aminah, also passed away.
For two years he was cared
for by his grandfather, ‘Abdul
Muttalib, and, when he too
died, the Prophet’s uncle, Abu
Talib, became his guardian. Abu
Talib’s demise occurred three years
before the emigration of the Prophet to Madinah. The
Prophet then, at the most difficult stage of his life, was
left without a protector. But nature had endowed the
Prophet with a remarkable personality. Those who
saw him in his youth used to remark: “This boy has a
great future.”

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